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PPD Sites Review of CPALead

You would have to be new to PPD to not have heard of . They invented the content locking model. They are the Ad network many other PPD sites pull their offers from. This PPD site has it all, and has paid us on time every time. Lets run down some of the great features of

  • Direct Offers
  • Free Templates
  • Fully Customizable Content Lockers
  • Link Lockers
  • Rewards Wall for Virtual Currency
  • Early Pay and Instant Pay Options
  • Top Tier Referral Program
  • Support
  • MarketPlace – Buy and sell templates, guides, ebooks
  • FREE Guides
  • Community Chat Box
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • High Convertion Rates
  • Incent Friendly offers
  • Large selection of French Offers
  • Many USA Offers
  • WorldWide Registration
  • Over $200,000,000 Paid Out

We have used since 2010. The network was established in 2006.We believe it is among the best PPD sites to use.

New Virtual Rewards Wall on PPD Site

Now has a Virtual Rewards wall that can be added to your App, Game or GPT rewards site. With this wall of offers you will be able to give your traffic virtual currency, points, gold whatever you set it up to give.

Of course is a fully featured pay Per Download site as well with link lockers, gateways and more.

You always get paid on time with You can even boost your earnings by completing on site advertisers offers yourself. Pretty cool :)

This PPD network is known for giving everyone a chance to make money. Maybe you were turned down by networks in the past for not having experience or enough traffic, perhaps you live in a country that makes it hard to be accepted. No worries at, they let everyone have an acct big or small just starting off.


PPD Site with no minimum fast payments

There is a new great PPD site called The site has many great features that you won’t find anywhere else. Below is a partial list of benefits you will receive by being a member of this PPD site.

  • No minimum amount needed to withdraw a true 1 cent threshold
  • Great High Paying offers
  • Great High Crediting offers
  • OfferWalls to increase earnings for members who want to do offers themselves to increase their payouts
  • File Lockers
  • Link Lockers
  • Gateways
  • Chat
  • Forum
  • Great Support
  • Leader Board
  • How To Guides
  • Offer optimization where you can choose what offers to show on your tools
  • Detailed Reports

There is also a competitive referral program. Payments are sent via PayPal with no fees. This is a PPD site that stands out from the crowd. Registration is fast and easy, payments are sent without hassles, Join and start making money today.



PPD Sites

Pay Per Download sites are a great way to make money online. There are thousands of these sites to choose from and many are not so great. I have used some great ones and some bad ones. In this post lets focus on the best PPD sites.

Fast payments, good offer selection and how easy the site is to use are among the top criteria when picking a ppd site to use. Here are some great PPD sites and a little about them.

  1. has been around for many years and provides many direct offers. You are paid monthly with a $50 minimum. There is link lockers,password lockers and widgets. This PPD Site has never been late on a payment and started in 2008.
  2. is a full service PPD Site with virtual currency capabilities with postback available. You can even get paid instantly. Normal pay is monthly. Many tools available,guides,chat,promo codes, this PPD site has a lot going for it.
  3. has a really low minimum payment only $5. You can choose PayPal or Western Union. You get Paid fast, Bi-Weekly is available. This is a new modern PPD site with full features including fast support, chat and a forum.
  4. pays weekly. You also don’t have to request it, it is simply sent to you automatically. You can choose from different payment processors including PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram,Check and Bank wire transfers. There is also every tool imaginable including file lockers,link lockers,widgets,video locker,offer optimizer,mirrors and full statistics.
  5. has just added a vrtual rewards wall and also it’s the only PPD site that allows users to make money completing offers themselves if they want to boost their earnings.
  6. is an awesome PPD site with offers that credit really good. Payments are made right on time and support is great.
  7. is a popular PPD site with a variety of tools to make monetizing any content easy.

There is our top 7 Best PPD Sites. They have all paid me on time according to their terms. Hopefully you found out about some great new sites today…See you next time.