How to create your own PPD Site

If you want to have your own PPD site, I don’t blame you, it’s a great low risk business to start, there are a few ways you can do it. Here are some of the ways and the pros and cons involved with each.

1. Have it made from scratch.


Unique design and total control of the content and what you can offer your members.


Very expensive and time consuming, such a project will take a team of coders weeks to execute as well as the design company, It can costs several thousand dollars and require time to work out the bugs inherit in every new built from scratch coded site.

2. Buy a PPD site that already exists.


It may come with a member base that is already there, it is already coded and ready to go,


It may have a bad reputation, most good sites aren’t for sale. If it has a good reputation and a good member base, it may cost you thousands of dollars but might be worth it.

3. Buy a script license and run it on your own hosting.


All the coding has been done for you, the glitches were worked out long ago, the site will be stable from day one, the cost is very low, the best PPD site script only costs $89 for a lifetime license.


It may be a challenge to make the site unique, to make it stand out from the others on the same script. But this can be overcome by making it the best you can, by giving top notch support, by using good networks and giving your members a fair rate.


With all of this considered we think the best course of action is to create your own PPD site is to buy a well managed script with full features and a proven track record of happy purchasers.

We believe there is only one that fits the criteria and that company is . It’s very affordable, the support is fast, it has every feature you would ever need. The admin panel is easy to navigate with no learning curve needed, you will be rocking it your first day.

You are going to need affiliate networks, We recommend you use as well as and They are among the networks fully integrated into the ShareCashScript.

You will also need hosting, this script will run great on most hosting, You can get a great deal on by using Coupon Code “bestppdsites” that will get you your first month for a penny!

Good Luck to you, PPD is a great opportunity, you can do this. Oh one last thing, once you get your site up and going contact me at . I would love to be one of your first members and after receiving payment I will write a review for you here on