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AdscendMedia.com PPD Site Review

When it comes to great PPD Sites one site that is on everyone’s list of the best is AdscendMedia.com. They have everything you need to succeed. The registration process is painless, the minimum needed for payment is only $50 and with all the high pay direct offers this is easy to reach fast.

AdscendMedia.com was founded in 2008 and has maintained a great reputation in the PPD Content Locking community for all these years. The support is great you get one on one attention from your account manager who is available whenever you need them. There is a full support staff including your own account manager. This network knows incent offers better than anyone, it’s all they do.

Registration is easy and acceptance is usually not a problem, they are willing to accept new people and from many countries as well, to get started simply click the image below.

PPD Sites

Pay Per Download sites are a great way to make money online. There are thousands of these sites to choose from and many are not so great. I have used some great ones and some bad ones. In this post lets focus on the best PPD sites.

Fast payments, good offer selection and how easy the site is to use are among the top criteria when picking a ppd site to use. Here are some great PPD sites and a little about them.

  1. AdscendMedia.com has been around for many years and provides many direct offers. You are paid monthly with a $50 minimum. There is link lockers,password lockers and widgets. This PPD Site has never been late on a payment and started in 2008.
  2. CPALead.com is a full service PPD Site with virtual currency capabilities with postback available. You can even get paid instantly. Normal pay is monthly. Many tools available,guides,chat,promo codes, this PPD site has a lot going for it.
  3. FortuneFiles.org pays weekly. You also don’t have to request it, it is simply sent to you automatically. You can choose from different payment processors including PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram,Check and Bank wire transfers. There is also every tool imaginable including file lockers,link lockers,widgets,video locker,offer optimizer,mirrors and full statistics.
  4. LockCash.org is an awesome PPD site with offers that credit really good. Payments are made right on time and support is great.
  5. DreamCash.org is a popular PPD site with a variety of tools to make monetizing any content easy.

There is our top 5 Best PPD Sites. They have all paid me on time according to their terms. Hopefully you found out about some great new sites today…See you next time.